Regional Reps Key to MBCEA Success

Membership in the MBCEA continues to grow. We like to think this is because we have fabulous benefits and great programs, but I suspect the actual answer is more nuanced. In recent years our Conference has become the best annual meeting for learning and sharing about Metal Buildings. The fact that we are co-located with the MBMA certainly serves to enrich the conference. The addition of the Metal Construction Hall of Fame Awards completes the “all things metal building” experience.

Capitalizing on our relationship with the MBMA has been an important step in our growth strategy. Not only are we working more closely together but we are also providing vital feedback and information for our mutual benefit. We are truly an association of contractors and erectors with a ready forum and access to the engineers and designers of the very buildings we erect. We have the opportunity to suggest simple changes that might make the world of difference. By the same token they have access to the best contractors and erectors to bounce ideas off of and pick their brains. This is powerful stuff.

One of the places this “powerful stuff” all comes together is inarguably the best kept secret in the industry – the regional rep.  You probably know membership in the MBCEA is a steal at $495/year. Industry members, typically suppliers and manufacturers, are entitled to declare one chapter in which they will participate. Here’s the secret -  for a mere extra $130/chapter, suppliers and manufacturers can send representatives to as many chapters as they wish.

Silvercote and Butler have regional reps that actively participate in 8 chapters; Therm-All has 6, Chief 5 and Ceco 4. What better place to rub elbows and exchange ideas than at a Chapter meeting or event? Powerful stuff, for sure!

In the last year our Chapters have come together to offer training or discussions on such diverse topics as Waterproofing, Bolting and Aligning, Recruiting, Aerial Platforms, Energy Codes and Com-Check. We also offer plenty of options to network in a more relaxed setting: clay shoots, golf tournaments and holiday socials. The supplier or manufacturer rep that attends these events becomes a trusted and valued friend, a go-to guy for troubleshooting and problem solving.

Industry Reps like Finton Riggins held the Carolinas Chapter together during a period of rebuilding. Tom Frahm has helped start Chapters, build chapters, worked on project teams and is always there to troubleshoot a problem. Triangle Fastener, ATAS and SFS have provided much needed meeting space. Reps from Bay, Silvercote and Therm-All can always be counted on for quality education and energy assistance. Jim Boyd, BIG Metal Buildings says, “Regional Reps have been the backbone of the Texas initiatives and have been instrumental in supporting the Texas Chapter with their time, talents and resources. We could not do it without the help of our regional reps.” On behalf of our contractor and erector members, Thank You! We are better, smarter, and stronger because of your active participation in our local Chapters.

The American Society of Association Executives™ (ASAE)—essentially, the association for associations—defines an association as "an organization or group of individuals affiliated with one another who share a common purpose, interest, or mission and exist for the mutual enrichment and advancement of their membership." I would have to say that sums us up nicely.

We have active Chapters in the following areas: New England, Mid-Atlantic, Carolinas, Greater Ohio Region, Southeast, and the Rockies. Midwest is looking to be revitalized and other areas like Tennessee Valley, California and Texas are just getting started; you can get in on the ground floor! If you are an existing member and want to belong to more than one Chapter or if you are a potential new member and want to get involved, please contact Sasha Demyan today. She can be reached at or (484) 239-3337.

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